Restorative Youth Services




* Level-B Community Based Residential Facility

* Crisis Stabilization

* Diagnostic Services

* Psychological Evaluations

* Individual, Group and Family Therapy

* Daily Psychoeducational Activities

* One-on-One Staffing and Supervision

Restorative Youth Services (RYS) is located within Stafford County, Virginia, serving the needs of at-risk youth throughout the state. RYS offers intensive, therapeutic residential care, diagnostic services and crisis stabilization for adolescent males and females (on separate campuses) between the ages of 9 and 18. The youth that we serve typically have difficulties with anger management, substance abuse, poor social skills and inappropriate problem solving skills.

RYS offers an array of services. The residential program provides room and board, daily psycho-educational opportunities, weekly individual and group therapy, family therapy as deemed appropriate, psychological testing, and one-on-one staffing and supervision when required. RYS is a program offering a medium level of intensity of supervision. Our program and staff will cater to youth whom require a step-down from locked or hospital facilities and/or youth who need a higher level of supervision than therapeutic foster care can provide. This program is designed to serve as an intervention to prevent further regression and to provide support in overcoming the deficits in behavioral and emotional functioning.